We make Commercials, Documentaries and Short Films. 



 Better is an award winning short film available to watch on All 4.

Families, morals and societal norms are challenged with the arrival of a new controversial medical procedure available at 'Refine'. Max is an effeminate child exploring his gender identity - for which he is extensively bullied at school. As the bullying becomes increasingly severe, his mother fears for her son’s future. Through her neighbour, Jamie is introduced to Refine, which offers a new procedure that can alter personality traits and in Max's case, heteronormalise him. Jamie is faced with a near impossible personal and ethical dilemma. Should she allow Max to undergo this procedure in order to protect him, or should she continue to encourage him to follow his natural inclinations and accept a more trying and complex future?


Winner, Best Short Film - Iris Prize

Winner, Best Short Film - Sweden Film Awards

Winner, Best Short Film - VIFF

Finalist, Best Short Film - New York Cinematography Awards

Don't Bloody Look

Don't Bloody Look is a comedy that addresses the fact starting your period can be a daunting experience but doesn’t need to be. Periods are for many, still seen as a taboo subject, which is detrimental to young girls. By showing periods as normality on screen, we can encourage conversations and start to diminish the feelings of shame or embarrassment around them.

This film follows Jess's experience of buying her first sanitary towels. On the way home Jess bumps into people she knows and her imagination runs wild with what they may say or ways to avoid them. Imagination is set against reality. Jess transforms from being shy and embarrassed, to feeling liberated, empowered and unashamed.

Currently in Post Production


The Fat Lady Sings

Low on chips, with the odds stacked against her, a poker player recalls an urban legend of brutal revenge. Sienna is out of her depth, gambling with some of the underworlds roughest gangsters. As they play, she recalls a tale of an ex-soldier, making attacks on the city's criminals. As the game intensifies, so does her story, and she she seems to be hitting a nerve at the table. The stakes are high; the tension is higher. But it isn’t over until the fat lady sings...


Best Short Film - Fighting Spirit Film Festival

Best Action Choreography - Fighting Spirit Film Festival

My Black Dog - In The Spotlight

 This film was  created for My Black Dog, a charity aiming to raise mental health awareness and who also offer peer to peer support. Sophia and Kieran talk openly and honestly about their struggles in dealing with mental health and why they now volunteer for the charity. 

AgeUK Lambeth - Christmas Cheer

 This film has been created to raise awareness for those facing loneliness this Christmas. The elderly in care homes have suffered through a tough year, and we came up with a creative that not only helped raise awareness but also made a difference to those in one care home. As part of our production, we bought presents for everyone in the care home and filmed a select few opening their gifts for the film. 

HSI - Forward Food

We created a series of films for HSI in which Jenny Chandler explores ways to create nutricious and satisfying vegan dishes. A series of 4 films, exploring the topics Umami, Texture, Pulses, and Grains.